Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who is L-rd of your life?

Did you know that you can serve yourself?  Or rather your thoughts and ideas?  In fact, I believe that is where the word idol comes from - ideas.....

Whenever we think we have a better idea of how something should be instead of the way G-d commands....we are in deep trouble.

Take the people of Samuel's time for example.  They felt justified in asking for a king "like all the other nations" because Samuel's sons weren't walking right with G-d.  They were correct that Samuel's sons who were destined to take over the throne were indeed not walking according to G-d's laws; however, they forgot that G-d was still in control and no one can say to Him, "what have you done?"  Daniel 4:35-37 

G-d told Samuel that the people had not rejected him - they had rejected G-d.  He then told Samuel to tell them they could have what they wanted - a king - but they would also get the whole package and then proceeded to instruct him what was in the package (i.e., what would happen if they were ruled by a king instead of G-d's judges).  Psalm 37:4 states that we can have the desires of our heart, IF we delight in G-d (and His ways, commandments, precepts, etc.)  We can also have the desires (or dictates) of our own heart if we decide to do things our own way but we better realize that we get the WHOLE package. 

Ask yourself this:  Do I really know what I want?  Sometimes we do but many times we aren't really sure because we can't predict the future.  Wise people will pray, Thy Will Be Done because we know that Jeremiah 29:11 says that His plans for us are for prosperity and goodness.  If we trust in Him, we will be like the tree planted by streams of water - even in drought that tree will flourish.  Jeremiah 17:5-8. 

Unfortunately for the people of Samuel's era, they got their king and we can read the long, sad story of all the bad kings that followed.  The good news is that G-d is merciful and compassionate.  He preserved a remnant for Himself through the faithfulness of David, G-d's King.  And through that lineage we have the Messiah who came to bring us back to G-d. The Korban, or Lamb that G-d Himself provided for all who believe.  Genesis 22:7-9

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