Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 3, 2010
Sabbath preparations actually go on all week if you consider the thoughts and plans for the menu and guest list. I usually begin thinking about Sabbath plans on Tuesday at least. Even though my children have homes and families of their own at least one of them will come for Sabbath but getting them to let me in on their plans before Friday afternoon is a work in progress.

I spend considerable time planning the menu but as I love to cook and try new recipes this is a joy and something I always look forward to doing. I usually tuck a few ideas away early in the week and anxiously wait for the supermarket to post their new sale ads so I can make my final decisions.

I work full time at a local college and I'm fortunate and blessed to have Friday off after working four 10 hour days. Therefore, Friday's are usually busy catching up on my housework in addition to cooking and cleaning for Sabbath. For Friday nights supper, I especially like one pot meals because I am not left with lots of dirty pots as we go into Sabbath.

At any rate, I plan my menu not only for Friday nights dinner but also Sabbath lunch on Saturday. In those plans I make sure I have ingredients for something quick and fun for Saturday evening's meal that can be made after Havdallah.

I'll be posting some of my recipes, menu ideas, and tips for Sabbath and other Holy days. I'm always on the lookout for sites with this kind of information so thought I would share my own experiences.

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