Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cherry Blintz Souffle

I attended a brunch meeting today and discovered a wonderful "casserole" that I believe would be a great recipe for Shavuot or Hanukkah.  It works well with a large crowd like my family because it can be prepared ahead of time.  The "casserole" or souffle was baked in an oblong glass dish and resembled a cheesecake in texture and appearance.  It was served with a delicious cherry sauce. 

I have to admit....when I've seen recipes for cheese blintzes, I haven't been tempted to make them with the ingredients most of them call for such as cottage cheese.  I've thought that if I ever make them I would substitute all cream cheese.  I love cottage cheese but it doesn't appeal to me as an ingredient in something I perceived as being sweet or smooth-textured.  However, I ate this souffle and was really impressed.  I thought it was exceptionally good and the texture was wonderful.  The cherry sauce added just the right compliment of flavors and sweetness. 

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