Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Borrowed Joke

This is a comic that was posted in Zola Levitt's newsletter.  The comic column is called "After Eden."  The message of this little ditty is just fantastic.

1st person says to the 2nd person:  I refuse to let the Bible tell me what to do and how to think.  I use my own mind to decide for myself what I should do with my life.

2nd person to 1st person:  That's interesting.  How did you decide to think that way?

1st person to 2nd person:  My college professor told me that's what I should do.

The message is obvious:  Our worldview comes from somewhere and there is nothing new under the sun so any "IDEAS" we have are borrowed from somewhere.  It is my belief that the idols people will be flinging far from them, Isaiah 2:20, are comprised especially of our "ideas" which are nothing more than idol worship.  Verse 6 of this chapter says they are filled with influences from the East. 

I took an Ethics class in college and during the course, the professor presented many moral dilemmas for us to respond to but she restricted us from using the Bible as a source for our arguments.  I ignored this restriction because answering those questions was impossible without the Bible as the primary source.  Who else can be an authority on moral ethics when we are all fallible?  Only the L-rd, the author and finisher of our faith can be that authority.

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  1. Hi Jacqueline... I don't generally comment on your posts as they are such a personal documentation for you... but I do read them.... and enjoy them...