Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Daily Walk

I was reading Psalm 101 this morning and several verses seemed to really speak to me.  The first was verse 3 - my study bible is New American Standard and the verse reads this way:  I will set no worthless thing before my eyes...I immediately thought of TV - much of what is on there is just junk - and even if there is a good show - the commercials - well, no need to elaborate.

The next verse that really leaped off the page was verse 5 - whoever secretly slanders - I was immediately convicted of thoughts I entertain at times when I am angry or annoyed - I may not speak it with my mouth but I will often allow my thoughts to "speak" - which I believe constitutes as "secretly slandering."  Verse 6 is one that I want to be able to identify with but I recognize that I am not there.  So this 50 day period before Shavuot will find me continuing to rid my heart of the hametz of deceit, slander, gluttony....I'll leave the list open as it is sure to grow - the Holy Spirit's "flashlight" can find all the hidden hametz.

I was very disappointed in myself this morning as I was reflecting on the fleshly struggles I still have - I feel like I just might never proceed from the milk of the word to the meat in my daily life.  But you know, G-d's hope does not disappoint.  In my musing, I was reminded of Psalm 119 - I just love this Psalm - it is full of the goodness of G-d's mercy - He does know our makeup (Psalm 103:14) and His Torah keeps us on the straight and narrow path leading to life.  We can keep our way pure by keeping our way according to His Word (Psalm 119:9). 

So do not lose heart - stay in His Word and allow your heart to respond to His gentle prodding.  He WILL return for us and we will be found without "spot or wrinkle."  Ephesians 5:27

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