Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unleavened Bread - Corn Tortillas

I want to make a enchilada casserole this Erev Shabbat and thought about layering the ingredients with matzoh which I still may do but I may just go ahead and follow the recipe as is using corn tortillas.  Corn tortillas are not leavened but I am sure many would frown on this because they probably do not follow the widely accepted "kosher for Passover" rule to bake the unleavened bread within 18 seconds of mixing the dough.  I'm not sure I totally agree with that though I certainly understand the premise for it as there are yeast spores in the air.

I'm not sure how the recipe would come out using store-bought matzoh but may try it to find out.  I have seen lasagne recipes made this way and have noticed that the cooks soak the matzohs in liquid first.  I'm not sure I understand this - the sauces used in the casserole would certainly soak in and soften the matzoh so why pre-soak as well? Seems like they'd lose their form completely.

Anyway, I am serving my Enchilada casserole with Pico de Gallo and for dessert I was thinking of Sweet Plantains in caramel rum sauce with vanilla ice cream.  I am also planning to marinate some boneless chicken thighs in a yogurt mixture so that Saturday night I can make schwarma.  This is a great recipe developed by Guy Fieri and is absolutely fabulous.  Saturday night I will also make homemade matzoh to serve with the schwarma. 

If you are interested here are the recipe links:
Fabulous Schwarma
White Chicken Enchiladas

The weather is so gorgeous I want to get myself out of the kitchen as much as possible Friday so I can play in the dirt.  I love to grow herbs and I'm so anxious to get my spring herbs in the ground.  Found a luscious basil plant at Home Depot with leaves about 3 inches long.  This year I am going to try growing my dill in a container and see if I can get it to do well this way.  My amaryllis are on their way to gorgeous blooms and I'm so excited by the profusion of buds about to open.  My husband, who says he hates bulbs, admits that they are lovely.  And finally a dear friend gave me a 4 foot high English Dogwood that she separated from the mother plant - I'm so hoping it takes root and provides me with lots of blooms in the years to come.  Maybe it will even send off shoots and I can spread the love with other friends.

So Happy Spring -  life is blooming.

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