Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beef Stew for my Man

I celebrated my birthday this past week-end and my husband and family made it such an enjoyable time I didn't even mind that I was one year older.  Well, this week, my husband and I will be alone for Sabbath - no kids or grandchildren so I thought I would show my appreciation to my husband and make a meal I know he will love.  He is a meat eater and loves beef stew.  I recently came across several beef stew recipes with Guiness beer as an ingredient.  My husband loves dark beer and especially Guinesss so I thought it appropriate.  The recipe I am using comes from Tasty Kitchen and is called "Beef and Guiness Stew" and the reason I selected this version was the diversity of the ingredients.  It has all of the standard beef stew ingreds with the addition of turnips, rutabaga, parsnips and barley.  I chose this recipe also because I wanted to try browning the meat the way they suggest - coating it with oil then a seasonsed flour mixture.  I've been wanting beef stew myself so am anxious to try this out. 

My husband has also been wanting sourdough bread and I think this menu is the perfect meal to serve it.  When I want a new bread recipe I always go to King Arthur Flour's website first and so I came across a great recipe for Rustic Sourdough Bread.  Check out the blog with detailed step-by-step instructions for recreating this bread.

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