Monday, April 12, 2010

Even Though

All my life, especially during my youth and young adulthood, I spent a lot of time worrying about things and struggling to trust G-d.  I felt that happiness was elusive and that I couldn't be happy unless everything was right in my life.  You know?....everyone healthy, bills paid, plenty of groceries, peace and harmony, etc., etc.  But as I got older I realized that rarely is everything good all of the time.  There are always struggles, sadness, times of financial distress, and difficult relationships.  I began to see that true happiness and contentment could only be found by resting in the Almighty and not relying on circumstances to make me happy.  

Psalm 23 says that THOUGH I walk in the shadow of darkness....I will not fear for G-d is with me.  Psalm 112:4 - EVEN in darkness, light arises for the upright FOR the L-rd is gracious and compassionate and righteous.  Jeremiah 17:7-8 blesses me over and over for it says that the person who trusts in the L-rd is blessed EVEN in a year of drought he/she will not be anxious - WHY?  because the person who trusts in the L-rd will be LIKE a tree planted by the water and even when drought comes his/her leaves will not wither and cease to bear fruit so that person will not be anxious.   Delight yourself in the L-rd Psalm 37:4 and not in circumstances

I am so encouraged by these verses and being reminded of how my heavenly Father watches over me and cares for me.  Last week I was listening to Joyce Meyer and she said that when our soul trusts in G-d it is like our soul is on vacation no matter what our flesh is going through.  At first I thought that statement was a little over the top but the more I thought about it I realized that she had a point.  There are many verses to support this analogy - verses that speak about trusting in G-d and not walking in fear. 

I am going through something that makes my heart very sad and heavy - my mind will think about it and immediately I feel that heaviness but I just keep reminding myself of these verses and count my blessings.  G-d is in control and worrying will not change one thing so I take it to G-d in prayer and lay it at His feet.  He is my Redeemer and my refuge.  What can mere man do to me?  Absolutely nothing.

The nazi's tried to take everything from the jews they tortured including their dignity but the one thing they could not take away from them was hope in the Almighty G-d.  So keep telling your soul to Hope in G-d (Psalm 42:5, 11, 71:5, 78:7, 38:15...) 

If we never go through difficult times we would never learn these important lessons.  I've discovered that my flesh can perceive situations as negative but if I hope and trust in the Living G-d, I can walk through the fire and not get burned.  Daniel 3:27  For G-d causes ALL things to work together for my good and His Glory.  Romans 8:28

You are blessed if you put your trust in Hashem!  Psalm 118:26

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