Friday, April 9, 2010

Why I Eat and Keep Kosher

Many of the food blogs I follow and many sites I love to visit for recipes contain many recipes and foods I would never eat.  I wanted to make it clear that just because I list some of these sites on my blog, I only eat kosher so I either avoid recipes containing unkosher ingredients, or I modify them for my own use. 
Many people think kosher means to mostly avoid pork - that is only one small part of the kosher laws.  Many people also cite various reasons one should or might keep kosher, one of which is for health reasons or becaue science has found that certain things are best avoided.  I eat and keep kosher for none of those reasons - I simply do it because G-d said to do it.  He is a G-d of separation and Holiness.  His ways are higher than ours and it doesn't matter if we understand the why's of His commandments - He wants obedience and if we truly want to please Him it will not be a difficult thing to do.  It will be what we want to do.

I grew up in South Florida and everything we did revolved around the water - skiing, shrimping, fishing, etc.  So I grew up eating a lot of things I don't eat now.  Shellfish is one of those things G-d said we shouldn't eat.  Many people have asked me if I miss it and you know the truth is I don't.  And I never have.  When I first became aware that I should obey G-d's commandments and that they were not "nailed to the cross" I immediately did Teshuvah and have never looked back.  I am compelled to follow Him and I find joy in doing so. 

I may post again concerning my thoughts on G-d's kosher laws but for now I just wanted to make it clear that I do eat kosher and have discovered there are many things we CAN eat so I do not worry about what I CANNOT eat.

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