Monday, November 1, 2010


My daughters have been after me to get thinking about Thanksgiving.  They want to know what to bring and what to make.  So I'm beginning to gather up my recipes.  I always want to try new ones but everyone pesters me with comments like "you mean you aren't going to make _______?"  and I hate to disappoint so I revert back to the old-standbys....but this year, I am making a new stuffing recipe.  I found the recipe at PioneerWomans website and it just looked so good.  I tried a cornbread stuffing once and it was terrible.  But I believe this one will really be good.  For one thing it calls for french bread in addition to the cornbread.  I think this will balance out the textures I like.  Of course I won't use pork sausage - I will substitute with some homemade turkey sausage.  Kosher ground turkey is one kosher meat product I can find in my area so I've gotten very creative.

So now there is one menu item....several more to go.

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