Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Jewish Homemaking?

Discovering my Jewish heritage and understanding that following G-d is a lifestyle was like being re-born.  So many lies, false teachings, and wrong beliefs are being cast off as I grow into the person G-d designed me to be.  My home is an expression of that process and as I began rediscovering who I was in light of G-d's Torah lifestyle, I began searching for examples to follow.

Even though we are in an information age, I found there really wasn't much out there and I've had to be very creative in my hunt.

This blog is an outlet for my discoveries and ideas.  It will evolve and change as I learn how best to articulate what I want to convey and leave behind as my legacy. 

There is a joy in homemaking that defines the motivation of the Proverbs 31 woman who leads a Jewish lifestyle.  G-d's moadim (appointed times) is the roadmap for us to follow as we "choose life" to live as He commands.

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