Monday, November 1, 2010

Changes and Growth

My Summer babies are growing.  Naomi is 4 months old and can now reach for toys and entertain herself with a toy.  She smiles all the time and her eyes seem to be always lit up with excitement.

Keith Otto is 3 months old and is so sweet.  He has the cutest smile that he displays at various degrees; small, larger, and super big.  If he gets more excited after "super big" he begins giggling which I love.  And his wonderful smiles reveals a dimple on his right cheek.  He is beginning to "try" and reach for things.  You can see the desire and intent on his face but it hasn't quite made it to the motor function yet.

Zoey Elise is now two months old and is a very serious baby.  She is somewhat fussy and wants to eat all the time.  She is a roly poly pudgy thing with gorgeous eyes.  As serious as she is, she will reward you with a smile at times. 

I cannot wait to see who they will become.  I look forward to the day I can communicate with them and hear what they are thinking.  I'm anticipating watching Michael and KO play together antagonizing the girls and I'm excited about baking chocolate chip cookies with my grandaughters and having tea parties.

So much to look foward to and to hope for.  But for now I will be content to watch them grow at their own pace.  Right now they study my face intently while I feed them and rock them.  I rejoice in the fact that babies are non-discriminating.  They don't care if Grandma is beautiful or young or skinny - they just respond to love and offer their love without hesitation.  They are completely trusting that they will be cared for responsibly.  It is a high calling indeed to be entrusted with a child to raise and influence. 

My two oldest grandchildren, Alex 12 and Michael 1 1/2 are also growing and changing.  Alex is entering middle school and is now homeschooled.  He is learning Tae Kwan Do and loves it.  He is also making and selling homemade buttons.  He is a very studious child and seems to be destined for a career in writing.  His stories have very interesting characters and the plots of his stories are well thought out.  His mother (my daughter) is helping him set up a blog for a more creative outlet.  I love spending Sabbath at his home because I love sharing in their Sabbath rituals.  It thrills me that my children are developing their own traditions and expressions of bringing in the Sabbath.  Alex has memorized Proverbs 30: 7-9 and it is a beautiful portion of scripture.

Michael is a very precocious and sensitive child and is a delight to have around though he does wear me and grandpa out after awhile.  He talks up a storm and has the cutest little voice.  He also loves books and is never satisfied to have just one to read but wants the entire pile gathered up in the rocking chair for cuddling and reading time.  On Friday night when we gather around the Sabbath table, he becomes very serious and watchful.  He knows when it is time for kiddush and insists are being included in raising the cup.  It won't be long until he can recite the prayers, I'm sure. 

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