Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm going to be doing some posts concerning Sabbath lunches.  Saturday's lunch options seem to be my biggest challenge each week for several reasons.  If you don't want to use heat of any kind, cold lunch options are limited to salads and sandwiches.  I love salad but sometimes a salad just doesn't cut it, especially when you are also considering the appetites of children; though my grandson really does love salad.  Sandwiches are good also but not every week and especially when the sandwich fillings consist mainly of tuna or egg salad.  Kosher lunch meat is difficult to find in our area and the prices of kosher lunch meat is very high.  Include in the mix that we have to be conscious of salt-content, this pretty much excludes the lunch meat option.

But necessity is the mother of invention and I've come up with some pretty tasty and creative options.  I'm still seeking however and always on the lookout for something new and innovative.  I'm also still struggling with the restrictions on kindling a fire.  Yes, I know - kindling a fire means not cooking; but I wonder about using a crockpot, a toaster, etc.  I just recently purchased a new range and really wanted one with a "Sabbath setting" but that style of range was way out of my price range.  In the winter, especially, I would like to serve hot meals for lunch, like chili or soup.  I do use my crockpot a lot on Sabbath but keep flip-flopping about whether it's ok or not.  I have to take a stand one way or another - I just need to decide what it's going to be.

So as I struggle with this I will be posting some of the lunches I've served on Sabbath and other options I've found in my research. 

Bon Appetit

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