Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Greek or Mexican Salad and Bialys

The Joy of Kosher blog came through for me again this week in coming up with a do-ahead Sabbath lunch.  Today they posted two recipes that I think would make a great lunch for this Shabbat:  Bialy and Greek Chopped Macaroni Salad.  Great because they both sound delicious and also great because they both sound easy.  Sometimes I need easy and this week is one of them. 

The Bialy recipe is an unusual yeast bread recipe in that you combine all the ingredients in your mixer bowl and use the mixer to "knead" and mix the dough.  Then just plop it in a greased bowl and let it do its thing.  That's pretty easy on a day that is busy with Challah baking and cleaning.  I think they will go well with this salad because the loaves are filled with sauteed onions before they are baked.  You make indentations with your fingers after they rise and fill the holes with the onions and bake.  YUM!

The pasta salad has all of the wonderful greekish ingredients like feta cheese and kalamata olives in addition to fresh dill and roasted red peppers.  My mouth is watering already and I can't wait to try this salad.  My son is coming over and he is a diehard meat lover so I may have mercy on his soul and lay out some kosher salami.

My grandchildren are still very small and except for the 2 two-year old the others probably won't eat the salad.  Fortunately, I discovered some neat kosher chicken nuggets at the store last week that are in the shape of hebrew letters, stars and hearts.  They like them room temperature so I cook them on Friday and take them out early Saturday morning for them to munch on when they arrive.  It blessed me to see them enjoy something just for them.

Check out the Joy of Kosher blog for these recipes as well as the Mexican Layered Salad.  They are posted on the Lag B'Omer post.  Sunday, May 22nd is Lag B'Omer but these salads would be great for the Saturday before as well.

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