Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keep, Diligence, Heed, and Earnest

My devotions and meditations this morning were from two verses that I was directed to. 

Hebrews 2:1  For this reason, we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it.

Proverbs 4:23  Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

As I read these two verses I thought of the Hebrew word, "Shomer," pronounced (show-mare).
That wasn't the hebrew words used in these verses though the meanings of the words used are very similar.  I looked up the Hebrew words and meanings for Keep and Diligence used in Proverbs 4 and I also looked up the greek words and meanings for the words Heed and Earnest used in Hebrews 2:1.  This is what I found:

Keep - guard, watch, watch over, to watch, guard, to preserve or guard from dangers.  Guard with fidelity, keep secret, keep close, be blockaded.

Diligence - place of confinement, prison, jail, guard post, observance, act of guarding

Heed - bring near, to bring a ship to land, to turn the mind to, care for, provide for.

Earnest - more abundantly, more eceedingly, much more, more frequent, exceedingly.

My concluding thoughts for now..... (G-d's word is alive and when I meditate on His word it continues to feed me and give me knowledge. thoughts are that this life is hard.  Sometimes it seems like it would be so much easier to just give up.  To quit fighting against the wind and waves of life that pound us over and over.  But the Holy Spirit which Yeshua left for us to comfort us and lead us will not allow us to do that.  Paul said that life is a race and we need to run the race so that we reach the finish line.  The word heed used in Hebrews 2:1 conveys this thought in the meaning, "to bring a ship to land."  The waves and wind sometimes can overpower a ship and if the captain does not keep heed and stand watch the ship can be lost out to sea.  Our Captain Yeshua is always standing guard and will not let us drift out to sea.  Scripture tells us that G-d neither slumbers nor sleeps. 

Psalm 130 says, "My soul waits for the L-rd, MORE than the watchmen for the morning...For with the L-rd there is lovingkindness, and with Him is ABUNDANT redemption.  He will redeem Israel from ALL his iniquities."

We can't give up even though this body grows weary of the race.  A popular song says, "when the waves are taking you under, hold on just a little bit longer."  Just when you think you can't take another breath, another step, another apology, another bill collector, another sickness,.....hold on.  G-d will meet you in your hour of need.  He will not let you go hungry.  He will not allow you to be unclothed.  He will always provide a way out.  He always takes care of His children.  I am witness to His provision.  I can testify to His goodness in keeping His promises. 

A small example:  When my children were little we were very poor.  I felt we had so many needs that couldn't be met by our meager income.  Sometimes the desperation and frustration of waiting for our "ship to come in" drove me crazy.  My children needed clothes - hand-me-downs were getting too small, too threadbare.  In a weak moment I broke down and used some of our precious money to buy some cheap clothes for the children.  I felt so proud of myself for taking matters into my own hands.  Until the next day.....some friends from church dropped off a treasure chest of clothes, toys, groceries, etc. that were desperately needed but for which I had used bill money to purchase.  If I would have only waited ONE MORE DAY!  G-d had the provisions on the cusp of my need. 

I learned a lot that day.  I learned that when I felt like I couldn't wait any longer for G-d to provide that is when I really needed to "hold on just a little bit longer" because my provision was on its way. 

Your heart is deceitful above all things.  Jeremiah 17:9  So please guard it with all diligence and do not allow doubt and unbelief to rob you of G-d's provision whatever it may be.  Hold on just a little bit longer. 

 Lyrics to "Stronger: by Mandisa

Hey, heard you were up all night
Thinking about how your world ain't right
And you wonder if things will ever get better
And you're asking why is it always raining on you
When all you want is just a little good news
Instead of standing there stuck out in the weather

Oh, don't hang your head
It's gonna end
God's right there
Even if it's hard to see Him
I promise you that He still cares

When the waves are taking you under
Hold on just a little bit longer
He knows that this is gonna make you stronger, stronger
The pain ain't gonna last forever
And things can only get better
Believe me
This is gonna make you stronger
Gonna make you stronger, stronger, stronger
Believe me, this is gonna make you ...

Try and do the best you can
Hold on and let Him hold your hand
And go on and fall into the arms of Jesus
Oh, lift your head it's gonna end
God's right there
Even when you just can't feel Him
I promise you that He still cares

'Cause if He started this work in your life
He will be faithful to complete it
If only you believe it
He knows how much it hurts
And I'm sure that He's gonna help you get through this

When the waves are taking you under
Hold on just a little bit longer
He knows that this is gonna make you stronger, stronger
The pain ain't gonna last forever
In time it's gonna get better
Believe me
This is gonna make you stronger

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