Friday, September 9, 2011

Beauty For Ashes

I have had a heavy burden on my heart and mind for several days now.  I can think of some tangible things that are bothering me but I really don't think it is any one thing that is brining me down.  Joy seems like something I have to work to dredge up from within. 

I turn to the L-rd of course in times like these; I hate feeling down and depressed.  I try to flip those feelings over and think on "good and pleasant things."  Phil 4 - But still that heaviness is like a blanket.  The talk this week at work, on the news, on the radio, etc. has been all about remembering 9/11 - certainly a horrific event that we should never and couldn't possibly ever forget.  The only certainity we have in this life is that all of us will die someday.  Not a very pleasant thought really.

But this morning in the middle of all this turmoil swirling in my thoughts I remembered Rosh Hashanah is coming soon.  Rosh Hoshanah is a holiday that celebrates a new year full of hope and promise.  It reminded me that G-d is bigger than all of the depressing things around me. 

I was reading through some notes written by Tim Hegg at concerning the High Holy day of Rosh Hashanah.  My heart was revived when I read these words:

On this Yom Teruah we are called, once again, to reassess, to reconsider our priorities in light of G-d's rule.  We are asked by HaShem to remember that even though it often does not appear to be so, He actually is reigning upon His throne, and He is bringing to pass those things which accomplish His will.  We are compelled again to put away our natural way of thinking and seeing, and trust His description of reality.
What a timely message this Rosh Hashanah.  The L-rd of Hosts knows our makeup and He knew and knows that life on this earth separated from Him through our sin would be difficult and He, in His infinite and vast wisdom established His Holy days before the world began.  I am so grateful to Him that His ways are higher and His thoughts are greater and His power is greater than anything I can even imagine.  Ephesians 3:20

This Rosh Hashanah as you listen for the sound of the shofar, I pray that you will be compelled to trust HaShem's description of reality and purpose in your heart to follow Him no matter what happens in this world. 

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