Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crochet Socks

Do you crochet?  If so, check out this free cool sock pattern from Paton's.  I have been experimenting with crocheted sock patterns and have been disappointed with the results.  Mostly because they stretch out as soon as you put them on and they don't bounce back.  I've tried various yarns but I haven't tried this new yarn from Paton's.  There are actually two new yarns; both contain a large percentage of wool and one has nylon as the 2nd fiber and the other new yarn by Paton's contains cotton as the 2nd fiber. 
If the picture is any indication, this pattern with this yarn looks like what I've been aiming for.  I can't wait to purchase the yarn and give them a try.  If they meet my expectations, I'm going to be crocheting bunches for Chanukah presents.

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