Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Truth Will Set You Free

For the last few weeks (maybe 3?) I can sense the L-rd speaking to me.  My spiritual gifting is primarily a teacher so I analyze, and re-analyze in my effort to really understand something.

Sometimes in my thoughts I will ponder the why's of things like a lot of people probably do.  I compare myself or my possessions or my state of being with others and many times the enemy will confuse me with rubbish.  This thought process is not fruitful but it is damaging to the psyche.  It is so easy to get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself or thinking you got the short end of the stick.  If you take your eyes of your blessings and begin to look at your lack you will quickly fall into a trap and not realize it.

But I have found a cure or remedy for pulling yourself right back out.  Counter-attack the lies that you THINK are truths with TRUTHS that you know are TRUE!  I had an experience with this Friday afternoon on my way home from work.  One thought led to another and pretty soon I could not remember what the first thought was but I was really getting the doldrums.  I realized my dilemma and quickly put into practice my "cure."  I began bringing to mind the things I know for sure that I never waiver on.  I started with creation.  G-d created the world and me and He created me to praise Him.  He has everything in control (all the powers of heaven and all the peoples of earth - Daniel 4:32). 

You get the picture ..... - pretty soon it became evident that I had fallen victim to the enemy's schemes.  My head felt like it was "screwed on right" again and my peace was restored.  I re-counted many blessings that came to mind and began praising G-d instead of wallowing in pity and what-if's. 

Another return to foundational truths during this 3 week period occurred when I read Tim Hegg's latest article entitled, "Hope of the Gospel."  It is tremendous and I highly recommend you read it.  I have devoured it 4 times so far and I will keep going back to it.  He reminded me of the precious gift of the Holy Spirit's presence in my life and I have really sensed and relied on that presence in the last few days especially.

One more I will share occurred this morning as I listened to the radio on my commute to work.  The radio host was sharing that she heard some false teaching on the TV one day and looked in the Word for verses from II Corinthians which warns about false teachers.  The bottom line was the same - your best offense against false teaching (or false thoughts that confuse and create chaos) is to KNOW the truth.  Counter-attack lies with truth. 

To do that you need to have truth ingrained in you.  You need to feast on it daily.  The truth will set you free if you arm yourself with truth.


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