Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The time is approaching fast for the annual River Alafia Rendezvous.  My husband has been several times - this will be my second year going and I can't wait.  It is a reenactment of a time in history when the mountain men would rendezvous at a pre-planned point and they would trade their animal hides/skins for much needed supplies before they headed out again.  It was also a time of relaxation and getting with others. 

At the Alafia Rendezvous, attendees select their personna and dress accordingly.  Much effort goes into making sure that things inside the camp are kept "period-appropriate."  Generally newcomers will start out "poor" because it takes awhile to accumulate the right outfits, supplies, etc. and because most of the time newcomers are not sure how they will fit in or want to fit in.  I find it very interesting how our natural personalities and societal placement seem to overflow into the personna we are trying to portray.

I love all forms of needlecrafts so this is a nice outflow for my normal interests.  I've made almost all of my and my husband's clothes.  What's really neat too is that you can have a blanket of items to sell while you are at camp and there is also a "marketplace" where vendors sell their wares.  They sell anything from home-baked bread to elaborate clothing, antique items, and buffalo hides.  My son-in-law is really into the Indian personna and has got a wonderful talent for leather-working and beadwork.  Here is a picture of a purse my husband made me out of hand-tanned leather with a beaded medallion my son-in-law made me. 

Last year I crocheted several watchcaps from fishermans wool and they were a big hit.  I was able to get the wool very cheap and then was able to sell the caps at a lot lower price than people could order them from suppliers.

My husband made beautiful wooden toys but they did not sell very well.  I am not sure why as if my children were little I would have loved to have them.  Maybe he will have to display them several years in a row for them to "catch on."  I will try and post pictures of them soon.

My son-in-law did additional beadwork medallions for my husband which my husband then applied to them a sort of "necklace" he wears at camp and a knife pouch he made. 

I will be off two weeks during the christmas break and plan on finishing my sewing for the Rendezvous then.  I am finishing a new Missouri Boatman's shirt for my husband out of some gorgeous Egyptian cotton I bought at 60% off!  I am also making myself another skirt, chemise, and bonnet.  If time permits I will try and make myself a "bed jacket" which was not necessarily worn to bed but was a coat or blazer type garment women wore over their shirtwaist. 

Pictures will follow as items are accumulated for packing.  I will also post pictures of the newly sewn garments and of our time there.  Check out this link for more information:

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